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Candy  10KGS Condensing Tumble Dryer Heat Pump System A++ GVSH10A2TCE-S
10kgs, condenser type, Heat Pump System, EASY CASE (easy accessibility &a..
Ex Tax: 576.27€
Candy  8KGS Condensing Tumble Dryer GCC581B-S
  8kgs,  Condensing, Perfect control by sensor system, Bi-d..
645.00€ 515.00€
Ex Tax: 436.44€
Candy  Fridge Freezer  CCBS6184WH/1
320lts (fridge 219lts, freezer 86lts), White   4 glass shelves, 3 do..
580.00€ 464.00€
Ex Tax: 393.22€
Candy  Fridge Freezer  CCBS6184XH/1
320lts (fridge 219lts, freezer 86lts), Stainless Steel   4 glass shelves, ..
610.00€ 488.00€
Ex Tax: 413.56€
Candy 7 Drawer Freezer  CCUN6172WH
235lts net capacity, Class A+ Colour white Mms: 1750 x 596 x 651, TO..
Ex Tax: 541.53€
Candy 7KGS Condensing Tumble Dryer Heat Pump A+  SLIM  GVS4H7A1TCEX-S
7kgs, condensor type, HEAT PUMP system, EASY CASE (easy accessibility &a..
Ex Tax: 563.56€
Candy Built- In  Electric Oven FET629XL
Electrical fan assisted oven: convection, convention, grill; S/steel, 69lts, ..
615.00€ 520.00€
Ex Tax: 440.68€
Candy Built-In Dishwasher 13 Placings CDI1L38
  13 placings, 5 programmes, 32' quick wash programme, 4 temper..
595.00€ 505.00€
Ex Tax: 427.97€
Candy Built-In Dishwasher 45cms Width 9 Placings CDI9P 45S
  9 placings 7 programmes 4 wash temperatures Water protection sy..
585.00€ 497.80€
Ex Tax: 421.86€
Candy Built-In Fully Integrated Dishwasher 16 Placings CDI6015WIFI
16 placings, A+++ WIFI module integrated, full digit electronics, 1..
Ex Tax: 592.37€
Candy Built-In Fully ntegrated Dishwasher 16 Placings CDIM6766
16 placings, A+++ 3 level dishwasher, XL upper basket adjustable in heigh..
Ex Tax: 515.25€
Candy Built-In Semi-Integrated Dishwasher 16 Placings S/Steel Panel CDSM 2D62X
16 placings, A++ XL upper basket adjustable in height with easy-lift device, ..
Ex Tax: 478.81€
Candy Built-In W/M 8Kgs 1300rpm CBWM814D-S
built-in washing machine, 8kgs, 1400rpm, digital disply, adjustable thermostat, adjustable spin, ..
730.00€ 620.00€
Ex Tax: 525.42€
Candy Dishwasher 12 Placings CDPE6333
  12 placings 6 programmes Maximum temperature 75ËšC Rapid wash..
590.00€ 420.00€
Ex Tax: 355.93€
Candy Dishwasher 16 Placings Stainless Steel  WIFI Connectivity CDP3T62DFX
  Dishwasher, A+++ 16 Placings, WIFI Connectivity  St..
Ex Tax: 498.31€
Candy Microwave with Grill 20LT CMG2071M
Microwave 20LT Grill  Defrost Function Colour: White ..
Ex Tax: 72.03€
Candy Microwave with Grill 25LT Black CMX25DCB
Microwave 2LT Grill Rack + Crunchy Plate Electronic Defrost Function ..
Ex Tax: 122.03€
  6 programs Intensive 70°C Delicates 45°C Rapid 32' at 50°C..
420.00€ 299.00€
Ex Tax: 253.39€
Candy W/M 10kg 1200rpm GVS1410TWC3/1-S
10kgs, 1400rpm, A+++ white, Smart Touch NFC Technology, digital..
Ex Tax: 406.78€
Candy W/M 10kg 1600rpm ROW160106DWH7/1-S
10 kgs washing 1600rpm A+++ Class MPS, Inverter Motor Technology  ..
Ex Tax: 491.53€
Candy W/M 11kg 1500rpm ROW15116dWHC7/1-S
11 kgs washing 1500rpm A+++ Class MPS, Inverter Motor Technology  ..
Ex Tax: 529.66€
Candy W/M 13kg Inverter Silent + 1400rpm GVF1413TWHCS
13kgs, 1400rpm, A+++ Silver, Silent Inverter +, NFC Smart Touch &a..
748.00€ 735.00€
Ex Tax: 622.88€
Candy W/M 7kg 1000rpm Smart Touch CS1071D1/1-S
Download now the Candy simply-Fi App and activate NFC on your smartphone: Full interactivity ..
Ex Tax: 305.08€
Candy W/M 8kg 1200rpm CVST G382DM-S
8kgs, 1200rpm, A+++ cms: 85 (H) x 40 (W) x 60 (D), NFC Smart Touch..
525.00€ 525.00€
Ex Tax: 444.92€
Candy W/M 8kg 1200rpm Smart Touch App GVS128D3/1
  8kgs, 1200rpm, A+++ Smart Touch Self-adjusting water lev..
Ex Tax: 369.49€
Candy W/M 8kg 1400rpm RO1486DWH7/1-S
8 kgs washing 1400rpm A+++ Class MPS, Inverter Motor Technology  ..
Ex Tax: 422.88€
Candy W/M 9kg 1400rpm ROW1496DWHC7/1-S
9 kgs washing 1400rpm A+++ Class MPS, Inverter Motor Technology  ..
Ex Tax: 461.86€
Candy W/M 9kg 1400rpm Smart Touch NFC Technology  GVS149DC3/1-80
Download now the Candy simply-Fi App and activate NFC on your smartphone: Full interactivity ..
499.00€ 464.00€
Ex Tax: 393.22€
Candy W/M 9kg Washing 6kgs Drying 1400rpm ROW4964DXH/1-S
  9kgs washing 6kgs drying 1400rpm A Class MPS, Inverter ..
Ex Tax: 593.22€
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