Hyundai Water Filter Clarion

Hyundai Water Filter Clarion
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Filter kettle Hyundai Aqua Optima CLARION - for cleaner and tastier tap water
Unique patented 5-stage filtration process: first Cleaner water-removing sediment filter helps remove fine particles, coarse particles such as rust and other residual deposits that may be present in tap water. 2nd Tastier water-reduction of herbicides, pesticides and chlorine water treatment is normally in the minimum amount of chlorine is added, which is effective for the elimination of bacteria, for someone but causes an unpleasant odor and taste of water. Filtering jug uses a unique mixture of active carbon, which reduces the chlorine content and also has a beneficial effect on reducing the levels of herbicides and pesticides. Filtered water is smooth and free of unpleasant flavors, namely excellent for cooking, its use improves the appearance and taste of vegetables. 3rd Improved water-reducing heavy metal content in this phase filtering uses Aqua Optima special ion exchange resin-ion exchanger, which can significantly reduce the content of heavy metals. This technology dramatically reduces the content of aluminum, copper and lead, which reduces by up to 80%. It also significantly reduces the amount of calcium carbonate that causes scaling in kitchen appliances. Aqua Optima using the system extends the life of your kettle, but especially espresso. 4thLimpid water In the fourth stage filtration water flows through a very fine mesh, which adds a unique water clarity. 5th Faster water filtration unique shape and design of the filter kettle Hyundai Aqua Optima ensures rapid flow throughout its life cycle. The filter kettle Aqua Optima

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