Water Dispensers/ Coolers

Water Dispensers/ Coolers
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Ebac SlimCool Water Trail
Replacement Water Trail for your Ebac Slimcool ..
Price (inc VAT): 12.95€
Ex VAT: 10.97€
Ebac SlimCool Filter Convertor
Converts you Ebac Slimcool to a Filter system using tap water ..
Price (inc VAT): 48.95€
Ex VAT: 41.48€
Ebac SlimCool Watercooler
Available in Charcoal Grey, Silver, Cream and Beech P..
259.00€ Price (inc VAT): 229.00€
Ex VAT: 194.07€
Trading License number: 44/21
VAT Number: MT10738911
Contracts Language: English

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