Eta Maesta 2200W Steam Iron Stainless Steel Plate

Eta Maesta 2200W Steam Iron Stainless Steel Plate
Eta Maesta 2200W Steam Iron Stainless Steel Plate Eta Maesta 2200W Steam Iron Stainless Steel Plate Eta Maesta 2200W Steam Iron Stainless Steel Plate
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Service steaming has become a hit. If you have a steam iron , which has a bicameral steam system , it's really certainty of pressed linen.

Maesta has everything needed for a perfect steam iron have a little something extra. Of course there is a self-cleaning system and Gadgets functions Anti Calc, whichprevents lime scale deposits. More colors of irons to suit the requirements of demanding customers, who can also choose material soleplate, either ceramic surface that conducts heat very well, or classic stainless steel.

Possibility of vertical steaming is commonplace, as well as setting the variable output steam .  Steam bicameral systemfacilitate ironing and  shorten the time to a minimum. Both chambers irons are independent of each other and the use of one does not affect the performance of the other. In practice, it seems that even with prolonged steaming the steam shock stillup strong . The function of the first chamber is variable steam output from the entire soleplate, which disposes each steam iron. A unique feature of the second chamber is a verypowerful steam boost that comes only from the front of the soleplate so easily handles overdried linen. The design of the system ideally utilizes the warmest place in the tip of the soleplate. The result is the moment perfectly ironed linen. 


  • STAINLESS soleplate - its advantage is high thermal conductivity, temperature uniformity and high lubricity after ironed materials
  • TWIN-CHAMBER STEAM SYSTEM for extra strong and continuous steaming; Steam boost so does not affect the variable steam:
  • a) a first chamber provides a variable steam output from the entire soleplate
  • b) a second chamber provides a very powerful steam boost that comes only from the front
  • POWER 2200 W - this ensures superior power very quickly reach the temperature, more efficient steam production and minimizes the operating temperature fluctuations Service
  • VOLUME water tank 300 ml - designed to balance with plenty of water and the weight of the iron for comfortable ironing
  • Optional temperature and STEAM - thanks to the continuous temperature control and selectable intensity pairs can be ironed many kinds of fabrics according to their current status
  • Steam shock max 100 g / min
  • Variable steam output of 0-40 g / min


  • VERTICAL STEAM for vertical steaming without contact with the soleplate
  • Drip stop to prevent accidental draining of water from the board, thereby protecting the sensitive and delicate fabrics from damage
  • ANTI CALC prevents limescale, extending the life of the iron
  • SELF CLEAN system for easy and complete cleaning of the internal structure of iron
  • RAIN to wet and crumpled stubborn substances
  • With the ability to turn off the steam can be used as a "dry" iron
  • Easy and quick filling of water due to the practical filling hole and funnel
  • Switch light and temperature is reached
  • Stable stand for convenient storing irons
  • Groove on the soleplate for easy ironing along buttons
  • Cable length 2 m
  • The possibility of winding the cord around the iron body for convenient storage
  • Pivoting swivel joint bushing supply cable for easy manipulation with iron
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Extension cords 3 years warranty on the heating element
Warranty 3 years parts and labour View Terms and Conditions
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